Introduction of China Vascular Congress, CVC 2017
Introduction of China Vascular Congress, CVC 2017 - National Society of Vascular Surgery Annual Meeting 2017


China Heart Congress (CHC 2016) was hold in Beijing National Convention Center from 10th to 14th of august 2016. There are more than 10 thousands experts registered from worldwide. The 1st China Vascular Congress(CVC 2016), as an important part of the CHC 2016, was successfully hosted at the same time.


During this congress, National Society of Vascular Surgery(NSVS) of China was established. Academician Hu Shengshou, the director of National Center for cardiovascular disease, China, and Academician Wang Zhonggao, the most wellknown and pioneering vascular surgeon in China, attended this great ceremony. NSVS is the first specialized committee under the National Experts Committee on cardiovascular diseases. The faculty members mainly come from two areas : cardiovascular surgery and peripheral vascular surgery, including 217 well-known experts from the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.


Originated from and based on CHC, Chinese largest cardiovascular disease academic conference, CVC will be hold as an academic platform for NSVS annually.


NSVS key members:


Honorary President: Academician Wang Zhonggao (Beijing)

Advisory Committee: Wang Yuqi (Shanghai), Wang Shenming (Guangzhou), Liang Faqi (Beijing), Guan Heng (Beijing), and Wu Qinghua(Beijing).

President: Professor Shu Chang(Beijing)

Vice-president: Jing Zaiping (Shanghai), Wang Chunsheng (Shanghai), Chen Zhong (Beijing), Stephen Wing-Keung Cheng(Hong Kong), Liu Changwei (Beijing), Guo Wei (Beijing), Fu Weiguo (Shanghai), Zhang Xiaoming (Beijing), Yi Dinghua (Xi'an), Chang Qian (Beijing), Chun-Che Shih (Taiwan).

Secretary-general: Liu Peng(Beijing)

Vice secetary-general: Li Yongjun (Beijing), Luo Mingyao (Beijing)

China Heart Congress 2017

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