Registration Information
Registration Fees


Pre-registration ends on July11, 2017. Please register on-site thereafter.
A verification letter of fellow/student is required for those who wish to register in this status.


Registration Entitlements



How to Register

Please visit to register online. If you have difficulties in accessing internet, you may complete the Registration & Housing Form for Individuals and send it back with full payment to the Secretariat, one registration form per participant. The CHC Secretariat reserves the right to charge the correct amount if different form the total payment listed on the registration form. If there are more than 10 participants registering in a group, please contact the Secretariat for special Registration Form(s).


Registration Procedures

Upon receipt of the Registration Form with the appropriate payment, the Secretariat will send a registration confirmation to the registrant. Please bring the registration confirmation to the registration desk at the China National Convention Center as a proof of your payment.


Online Registration

Register online at Fill in the Credit Card Payment Authorization Form and fax to Congress secretariat at +86 10 6994 6904 ext.2 to complete the online registration process. The organizer is not responsible for fraudulent credit card transactions.


Cancellation and Refund

In the event of cancellation, a request for refund should be sent to secretariat in writing before July. 11, 2017. The refund details are as follows:
Notification received
Before July 11, 2017: 50 % Refund
After July 11, 2017: No
Refund Refund will be processed after the congress


On-Site Registration Schedule


On request, the Chinese Medical Association will an invitation for visa application. Such an invitation does not imply any financial commitment. Please note that visa issuance is at the sole discretion of the consular officer. Visa invitation is sent to only those who have made payments to attend the congress. To request an invitation, please follow steps providing information, such as passport number, citizenship and profession.



China Heart Congress 2017

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